The East Coast Main Line is the UK’s most significant rail infrastructure asset.

The line is more than 500 miles long, serves the capital cities of London and Edinburgh, and in 2019 the line carried 90 million passengers and 58 million tonnes of freight.

The East Coast Main Line connects local and regional economies with each other, to the national economy and to Europe and is of considerable strategic importance to both national and regional economies. It gives businesses in the areas it serves access to opportunities across the whole length of the line.

Invest East Coast Rail are working to secure economic growth and prosperity along the area served by the East Coast Main Line.

We are calling for the both the UK and Scottish governments to future proof and invest in the East Coast Main Line as part of a coherent plan for the whole rail network. This will ensure that the line continues to fulfil its potential for the communities it serves, as well as ensuring the wider benefits from associated major projects, including HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail, Midlands Engine Rail, and East West Rail, are fully realised.