Virgin encourages resilience

At its stakeholder event VTEC’s Managing Director David Horne, set out some of the customer improvements VTEC is making, and highlighted the need for robust infrastructure along the East Coast Main Line.

He said 900 extra car parking spaces were being added at stations along the route for travellers.

He also set out the need to improve resilience of the line and to invest and replace old components.

Investing to improve the resilience of the East Coast Main Line is one of the key messages ECMA is making to MPs and MSPs at the forthcoming parliamentary events.

Councillor Will Dawson, Chairman of Tactran, said:  “It was extremely helpful to hear VTEC’s update on their plans and programme for fleet refurbishment and how these will help address current capacity and comfort issues, particularly for long distance travellers.

“Improvements to WiFi and introduction of the BEAM on-board entertainment system are valuable additions for all passengers.

“It was encouraging to hear VTEC is open to discussing how its 2020 timetable plans might be developed and enhanced.”